About Us


Established in 2019, Amola is a skin care brand that boasts a wide selection of self-care products with a touch of tradition. The brand draws inspiration from ancient West African recipes, passed down through generations, and uses only eco-friendly and ethically sourced ingredients. With a commitment to authenticity and integrity, Amola offers a range of luxurious handmade items such as black soap, shea butter, body oils and more, always striving to provide a truly unique bath experience.


Nafanua Adetunji, the founder of our brand, is a compassionate individual who champions self-assurance and the pursuit of daily self-improvement. Possessing a strong work ethic and unwavering determination from a young age, Nafanua embarked on a successful career in hospitality that spanned over a decade. During this time, she had the privilege of working at renowned establishments such as the Ritz Carlton and Hyatt in more than 15 locations, granting her the unique experience of interacting with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.


Nafanua strives to bring the opulence of a spa to the comfort of your home. Drawing on her professional background and reverence for the beauty industry, she is dedicated to offering high caliber products that empower diverse backgrounds to reveal and highlight their authentic beauty.